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About us

Vallair is a multi-faceted aviation business that maximizes the life and value of aircraft, engines and parts.

Whether you are an operator looking for affordable yet reliable assets to lease or acquire, service solutions that meet your expectations technically and commercially, or simply wish to dispose of your older assets economically and efficiently, Vallair is your go-to service provider.

Our fast growth over the past few years is a testament to our talented workforce and its focus on value creation and delivering the highest level of service to our customer base.

The Vallair Business Model

Our integrated expertise and innovative approach to aviation services provide our customers and partners with unmatched value.

The Vallair Business Model

1. BUY

Asset Buyer

Buying mature aircraft or sub-components from the market


Asset providers

Selling and leasing to operators seeking specific aircraft, engines and parts


Asset managers

Managing assets – tearing down, refurbishing or converting


Service providers

Maintaining aircraft assets to the highest standards (aerostructure, airframe and engine MRO)


Launch customer for the A321 P2F program


European locations in Luxembourg, Chateauroux and Montpellier


The quantity of A320 family and B737 Classic aircraft purchased in the last five years


Employees across our six buisness units

Vallair History

Vallair, is a well-established aviation company with uniquely integrated capabilities in support of mature aircraft, engines and major components.

With six complementary Business Units (trading & leasing, aircraft teardown, aircraft MRO, engines, aero-structures, and cargo conversions), Vallair offers aircraft operators and owners around the world cost-effective solutions to extend the life of their assets.

The company began operations in 2003 as Vallière Aviation. In 2006, the company opened a subsidiary in Luxemburg (JMV Aviation), at which time the president and CEO became a founding member and board director of AFRA (Aircraft Fleet Recycling Association).

In March 2016 JMV Aviation rebranded as Vallair at the same time as an equity injection from Japan Investment Adviser Co., Ltd. (JIA), becoming a minority shareholder alongside Grégoire LEBIGOT, the President, CEO and Founder of the company. In December 2017, JIA increased its shareholding in Vallair to 40%.

In addition to its role as a shareholder, JIA have been an active investor in Vallair projects, bringing in excess of USD 40m in support of asset acquisitions and capital investment. JIA is a Tokyo Stock Exchange Listed company, founded in 2006, specialized in financial solutions for the aviation leasing market.

In June 2016, Vallair acquired Latécoère Aéroservice, a long-standing aircraft MRO based in Montpellier.

The Vallair Business Model