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JOB Title: Business Analyst 
Business Unit: Sales & Marketing Department
Location: Senningerberg, Luxembourg
Reporting To: Sales & Marketing Director
Employment Term: Permanent – Full Time

Key Objectives: Provide market analytics in support of all Vallair business units (including for material sourcing);
Establish and maintain a centralized database with relevant market intelligence, trends, fleet information, competitive information;
Develop lead generation and sales enabling tools (presentations, business plans, etc.) to assist sales personnel’s business development efforts;
Lead marketing communications efforts, including branding, messaging, social media, etc.

Job Purpose:   To support the business development efforts of Vallair’s business units, by providing reliable and timely analytics, and developing sales enabling tools that facilitate the sales process, from lead generation to contract negotiation.

Job Description:

  • Perform economic and market analysis relevant to each business unit’s targeted segments
  • Consolidate all available market intelligence into a centralized and shared database, and maintain relevance of the data to support active sales campaigns and business development
  • Assist senior level decision making by providing reliable information needed during commercial reviews and / or the asset acquisition process
  • Source, synthesize and analyse all available information and data relevant to each business unit
  • Develop and support marketing campaigns in line with the company’s revenue and profitability objectives
  • Coordinate and monitor the respective business plan for each specific project in terms of TAT (Turnaround Time), budget control, projected cash flow control duly within the scope of desired performance level
  • Support senior management with contract negotiations and prepare economic analysis and risk assessments of the respective project(s)
  • Develop internal and external product updates, press releases, marketing messages, and product improvement plans
  • Assist in the development of sales enabling tools that maximize the lead generation efforts, and increase the overall sales pipeline
  • Lead marketing communication efforts to enhance the Vallair brand and messaging
Candidate Requirements:
  • Education Level: Bachelor's Degree in a -related field, Aviation, or equivalent work experience
  • Related Work Experience: 2-3 years
  • Requires strong ability to balance competing needs and priorities and to stay focused on the priorities of the overall VALLAIR business
  • Requires strong oral and written communication skills, people skills, presentation skills, facilitation skills, and the ability to navigate complex organizational structures
  • Proficient in Microsoft Office Suite and Data Analysis software and techniques
  • Experience in use case analysis and modelling, and other industry best practices
  • Experience with project proposal scoping, estimation, and cost/benefit analysis
  • Excellent spoken and written English


JOB Title: Powerplant Engineer
Business Unit: Engines, Aircraft Trading/Teardown
Location: Senningerberg, Luxembourg
Reporting To: Technical Director
Employment Term: Permanent – Full Time

Job Description:
  • Engine workscope management
  • Engine acquisition due diligence
  • Engine lease redeliveries
  • MRO contract negotiation
  • Reviewing SV documentation, AD/SB Status, LLP data, LLP Back to Birth documentation, analysing engine trend data to establish the condition of the engines
  • Engine removal and forecast planning
  • Oversight and evaluate engine MPA runs and BSI, providing a detailed written report of the findings
  • Evaluate engine invoices and maintenance reserve claims
  • Engine life cycle analysis
  • Reviewing airworthiness data and modifications to ensure continued reliability and compliance with regulatory standards.
  • Engine Trend Monitoring data analysis
  • Organization and management of third party working parties
Candidate Requirements
  • Engineering degree or an alternative technical qualification with a minimum of 5 years work experience in engine leasing, airline, MRO or consultancy organisation
  • CFM56-3/5/7 & V2500 type experience essential and additional type knowledge an advantage, with an understanding of current continued airworthiness requirements together with the ability to analyse and interpret EASA and FAA regulatory to ensure compliance
  • A team player with the ability to write concise, well-structured reports containing reasoned sustained argument using adequately weighted evidence in response to specific questions. Reports should be clear, coherent and grammatically correct
  • Can work autonomously and use initiative to seek solutions when required, offering added value to the team
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