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Aviation Services


The Vallair Aerostructure Business Unit provides solutions to aircraft owners and operators for all of their aerostructure needs. From its state of the art workshop, in Chateauroux, France, Vallair repairs a variety of structure parts, including but not limited to nacelles, inlet cowls, fan cowls, thrust reversers and flight control surfaces.

Our highly skilled and dedicated workforce is committed to providing technical solutions, in shop or in the field, to restore or repair all of our customers’ aerostructures, and doing so cost effectively and in the shortest lead time possible.

Vallair’s Chateauroux facility specializes in a wide range of composite and sheet metal repairs on a variety of aircraft structures and components. All specialist work meets regulatory standards and fulfills the requirements of the various airworthiness bodies. A dedicated field service team is on hand to support with any aircraft inspections or onsite repairs and modifications.

In addition to its repair services, the Vallair Aerostructure Business Unit manages an extensive pool of rotable assets available for sale, lease and exchange. These assets have been repaired and certified in our repair shop to the highest standards and are available to our customers around the world at competitive market pricing. Our inventory includes an array of products, such as inlet cowls and thrust reversers for the CFM56-3, CFM56-5A and V2500-A5 engine types, as well as flight controls on A320 and B737 aircraft.

Vallair is committed to delivering competitively priced, high quality assets to support each of its valued customers whilst helping sustain the value of assets as they reach end of service.


  • Focused on returning value to end-of-service assets
  • State-of-the-art composite repair facilities for critical parts: nacelles, fan cowls, thrust reversers, flying control surfaces
  • Cost effective and quick turn
  • R&O services
  • Highly skilled workforce and sheet metal expertise
  • Provides commercial and technical options to OEMs