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Aviation Services


Vallair specializes in providing solutions for the support and operation of CFM56 and V2500 engines, with vast experience in the trading and leasing of these assets, as well as performing or managing dismantling and repair activities.

The Vallair Engine Business Unit strives to meet all of its customers’ specific requirements, in line with their operational and economic objectives.

Vallair recently added to its capabilities by setting up a fully-equipped, multi-bay engine strip and “hospital” workscope operation in Chateauroux, France, to support its customers’ engine requirements and help reduce direct maintenance costs and down time. Services include full teardown of engines, module disassembly and reassembly, light repairs, borescope inspections and blending.

Vallair also offers engine maintenance event management, as well as component repair management, through its network of preferred engine service providers, ensuring its customers’ assets are repaired to the highest standards, in the shortest lead time possible, and cost-effectively. In addition to full engine services, Vallair is able to draw from an extensive parts inventory to satisfy all of its customers’ needs, with a range of commercial solutions from direct parts sales and AOG support, to standard exchanges, rentals and consignment agreements.

The Vallair Engine Business Unit is set up to help maximize the life and value of aircraft engines while providing customized solutions to customers and ensuring they are equipped to achieve the best results with their assets.

With a significant pool of assets and parts inventory, Vallair can assure its customers a high level of availability to respond to their needs in the shortest time frame possible. All engines and engine parts supplied by Vallair meet all international regulatory standards necessary to support continued airworthiness.

Vallair is committed to providing its customers the best value for money and flexible commercial and service solutions, while optimizing availability and reliability of their most critical assets.


  • Acquisition
  • Teardown
  • Module dis-assembly & re-assembly
  • Light repairs, borescope inspections, blending
  • Re-marketing of serviceable parts inventory
  • Trading & leasing
  • Inventory management and planning