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Aviation Services

Trading and Leasing

The Aircraft Trading and Leasing business of Vallair buys aircraft from operators or lessors that need to dispose of their assets, and places them back elsewhere in the market, through a direct sale or a lease.

The Aircraft Trading & Leasing Business Unit of Vallair creates resale and leasing opportunities for the A320 family, B737 Classic, B737 NG and ATR.

Vallair firmly believes that there is value in the third stage of life of an aircraft, and is continuously thinking a few steps ahead to bring the right aircraft at the right time to potential buyers, while providing sellers with solutions as they rationalize their asset base.

Our focus over the last few years has been on the trading and leasing of aircraft assets from the A320 and B737 Classic families. In parallel, Vallair has become the launch customer supporting the passenger-to-freighter conversion of mature A321s, demonstrating the company’s foresight and capacity to forge innovative deals and deliver assets that meet the current and future needs of operators around the world.

Our lease services provide operators with a number of flexible solutions, from seasonal leases helping operators optimize their busy periods while limiting their overall cost base, to long term leases with integrated support services. Vallair’s extensive aircraft MRO capabilities as well as engine and aerostructure repair capabilities are a natural complement to our trading and leasing businesses, offering customers the peace of mind that comes with integrated support.

Our vast experience and significant network in aircraft trading gives us an edge when it comes to locating and sourcing valuable assets, at competitive prices, and allows us to deliver hard-to-find aircraft to operators in need around the world.

With our constant focus on creating longer life and greater value for aircraft assets, we lead the industry at delivering the right asset, at the right price, and at the right time.


  • Active member of ISTAT
  • Full range of trading and leasing solutions
  • Highly flexible leases to reflect airline volume seasonality - summer lease
  • Pro-active acquisition of feedstock
  • Focused on A320 family, B737 Classic