Vallair and JP leasing are pleased to announce the release of the first 737-400 cargo aircraft, MSN24959, that is going under lease, for a period of five years, to West Atlantic.

VALLAIR, a Franco-Luxembourgish aviation group is an important player in the aviation asset management business. The company was created in 2003, with its Sales and Administration Offices in Luxembourg, Operational facilities, including Disassembly and Logistics center in Châteauroux and MRO and paint division in Montpellier and Toulouse, France.

At VALLAIR we are proud to offer a wide range of services:

Trading and Leasing


MRO & Aircraft Painting

Cargo Conversion


As an active member of the International Society of Transport Aircraft Trading (ISTAT), we supply a full range of aerospace trading and leasing solutions, providing the flexibility you need to stay competitive:

  • Full aerospace life cycle management and operational consultancy
  • Airframe trading and leasing solutions
  • Power plant and major dynamic component trading and leasing solutions


We are a founding member of the Aircraft Fleet Recycling Association (AFRA), focused upon aircraft sustainability by supporting the safe and environmental pro-active management of the world’s aging aircraft fleet.

  • Full aircraft disassembly and recycling
  • Return of power plants and parts to aircraft and inventories with traceability and accreditation
  • Recycling of materials back into commercial manufacturing supporting the circular economy



We specialize in returning value to your assets at end of service by providing fast and efficient overhaul and repair of airframe, power plants and dynamic components.

  • State-of-the-art composite repair facilities for the repair and overhaul of nacelles, thrust reversers and flying control surfaces
  • Highly skilled sheet metal work facilities
  • Experienced power plant management
  • EASA/FAA approved repair station, fully certified to provide a large range of services such as C-checks for ATR 42/72, A320 family, Boeing B737 classic and NG;
  • Aircraft painting.



We offer full passenger to cargo (P2C) conversions through our highly experienced freighter conversion partners, to address the growing global requirement for freight and cargo application.

  • Extended revenue generation to airframes at end of passenger service
  • Flexible options tailored to suit your commercial and operational requirements
  • Programs completed on time to budget to exacting specifications


VALLAIR specializes in the acquisition of end of life A320, B737 and ATR aircraft. To date, the company has acquired more than 25 A320s’, 20 B737s’, 4 ATRs’ and 40 CFM56-3/-5 and V2500 Power plants. Vallair provides solutions for aircraft and engine trading and leasing, spare parts sales and inventory management, cargo conversions and commercial aircraft disassembly and recycling. In addition, the company has state of the art composite repair facilities for nacelles, thrust reversers and flight controls (MRO).


VALLAIR will continue to be part of your business partners, working under the slogan “End of service does not mean end of life”