Vallair’s Component Support division supports the
activities of the teardown team and ensures that
customers extract maximum value from their assets.

Supporting your inventory
Our component support team is concerned with the processing, inspection, registration, tagging, labelling and locating of thousands of aircraft parts per month. Each unit, module, chapter and package are analysed to ensure our customers get the best value for money.

Vallair offers an integrated supply chain in conjunction with a component repair shop allowing us to oversee the return to full service of all components requiring repairs or overhauls, and ensuring customers have access to the right parts, at the right price, in the right place.

Cost effective and time efficient repairs
With our in house aerostructures repair shop based in Vallair’s 11,000 sq m Chateauroux facility, Vallair’s technical support teams are able to oversee the return to service of all components requiring repair or overhaul, whilst minimising costs and streamlining the return to service of critical parts. In addition to this, Vallair’s capability further extends to accommodating concurrent aircraft and engine teardowns.

Vallair prides itself on the high quality of its component inventory. All stock is offered ‘as removed’ or fully serviced and certified, and is available for sale, exchange or loan.

Component Support

  • Parts removed from each aircraft are processed, inspected, registered, tagged, labelled, and relocated in under 1 month
  • Integrated supply chain and global network of audited MRO facilities
  • Technical support teams
  • Intelligent repair management
  • Repair and re-marketing

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