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not mean end of life

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Purchase of three High Gross Weight B737-400

Vallair is pleased to announce the purchase of three High Gross Weight B737-400 that will become freighters.  MSN27087, delivered in Thailand, will go for conversion at PEMCO, in Jinan, China.  MSN 26299 and MSN26320, both High Gross Weight, delivered in Shannon,...

Our mission

Our mission is to provide our clients with the most efficient, revenue-building and environmentally-sound solutions for their end of life aircraft fleet.Our heritage is built upon engineering excellence and outstanding customer satisfaction. We have built a team of highly experienced aviation business professionals who are passionate about you, your business and your success. As the aviation industry faces unprecedented change, we are here to advise, assist and enable customer success.
To us: “end of service, does not mean end of life!”