25th April 2024

AIR International: Eight questions with Gregoire Lebigot, CEO

Gregoire Lebigot, CEO of Vallair Group speaks to AIR International about the challenges within the industry.

“From Vallair’s perspective, we do not envisage any changes to our planned strategy for the new engine shop for the foreseeable future. Yes, green engines are needed and new aircraft types, like the Airbus A320 NEO, have adopted the LEAP and GTF engines, for example. These are excellent engines but have difficulties to be surmounted, and supply chain delays exacerbate them. This means that classic A320 and B737 narrowbodies stay operational for longer – together with their older engine types. Vallair specialises in mature engine assets, the CFM56-5b and the V2500, which will stay in service for another 15 years. This affords a promising future pipeline for our engine shop.” Gregoire Lebigot comments.


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Article courtesy of AIR International.