15th November 2023

The National Industrial Development Center (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia) signs MOU with Vallair Group to develop a range of comprehensive MRO capabilities.

Dubai/Luxembourg – 15th November 2023: Today, at the Dubai Air Show, the Vallair Group and The National Industrial Development Center, established by the Government of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA), are pleased to jointly announce the signing of an MOU that signifies cooperation in developing the aerospace industry in the Kingdom and throughout the Middle East. Together both parties confirmed the establishment of joint working teams to develop narrowbody MRO, aircraft disassembly, component repair shops, aircraft painting, and full training for all capabilities.

Chief Executive Officer of the Center, Eng. Khalil Ibnsalamah, explained that as KSA embarks on a transformational journey towards less dependence on oil and moves towards developing its industrial base as part of Vision 2030, the aerospace sector is one of great importance and high priority. “Today the aerospace cluster within KSA is enjoying accelerated growth and we are delighted to welcome Vallair to join our fast-expanding group of global investors that are fostering international partnerships.”

Grégoire Lebigot, CEO of Vallair Group said that the Company would be proud to share its rich and diverse aviation heritage and expertise, particularly in relation to the design and construction of world-class MRO hangars and the integrated workflows that can be generated. “The Center is an industrial thought leader spearheading innovative industrial concepts in KSA and successfully pioneering business development and industrial sector activation end-to-end. It is striving to co-create solutions with key stakeholders, like Vallair, through its collaborative approach.”

Vallair’s streamlined proposition offers a range of multi-specialist services that seamlessly connect to each other. From airframe and engine acquisition, through to MRO activities, component management, technical services, and parts sales. Last year it opened one of Europe’s largest state-of-the-art hangars which combines both wide and narrowbody MRO maintenance services. On-site aerostructure repairs and disassembly of aircraft and engines underpin a range of MRO programmes and create a blueprint for efficiency and sustainability. Vallair has also invested in Aircraft Academy which is a Part 147 training centre for aircraft mechanics that is attracting global enrolment.