18 August 2023

VALLAIR sponsors new football strip for Berrichonne Football Club in Châteauroux, France

Luxembourg, August 18th 2023: Berrichonne Football Club is proud to announce today that the VALLAIR Group is the football strip partner for its professional team for the 2023-2024 season. Following YELO, which already announced its commitment to the Club, VALLAIR will sponsor the kit for the “Blue and Red” team in the National Championship. During the first home match this Friday, August 18, the audience at Stade Gaston PETIT will have the opportunity to discover the new players’ kit for this season branded with the VALLAIR logo.

Patrick Trotignon, General Manager of SASP Berrichonne Football said: “It is a great joy for us that the VALLAIR Group has decided to partner with Berrichonne Football Club as a prominent supporter. The VALLAIR Group has a historical presence in the Berry region, and in this regard, its DNA aligns perfectly with that of the Club. VALLAIR already combines experience, determination, rigour, and above all, innovation – values shared by both our team and our sport. Furthermore, it is deeply committed to a comprehensive training policy, particularly through its subsidiary Aircraft Academy, especially for young people.

“Excellence and technical expertise are also fundamental principles shared by both our team and the employees of the VALLAIR Group as a whole. These strengths make VALLAIR an essential and outstanding partner that Berrichonne Football Club is very proud to welcome as a premier partner. Its President and Founder, Grégoire LEBIGOT, whom I thank for his trust and support, is demonstrating through this social commitment the desire to establish the VALLAIR Group as a steadfast presence in our region, contributing to its influence.”

Grégoire Lebigot, CEO of VALLAIR, commented, “The VALLAIR Group is delighted to offer its full support to the football club of the city of Châteauroux, Berrichonne. Together, we now collectively engage in a shared dynamic to promote values that characterise our region and our respective teams so well – the economic development of our region in general and its aerospace industry in particular. With a deliberate, strong, and unparalleled presence in the aerospace industry in the Berry region for the past 20 years, and more recently, through the occupation of a brand-new, ultra-modern hangar, the VALLAIR Group is proud to contribute to the growth of the Marcel Dassault Airport. This is especially true through its subsidiary, VALLAIR INDUSTRY, and most importantly, through various established partnerships, such as with GRETA Berry or the Blaise Pascal High School in Châteauroux.”

He continues, “We are convinced of the potential of La Berrichonne team and will be delighted to share its upcoming successes, which we hope will be numerous. However, it’s the spirit of teamwork that unites us. Indeed, the values of collective sport excellence that football represents are clearly shared by all teams within the VALLAIR Group. The local aerospace industry is a fantastic source of growth and employment opportunities. Through this partnership, we also aim to draw the attention of the general public and our young people to the opportunities offered by our industry, even at the local level. It is important to us that we fully participate with this initiative.

“Lastly, it is incredibly important for VALLAIR to show our full support for the enhancement and promotion of this beautiful region that belongs to us all, and to which I am deeply attached. What could be better than proudly displaying the colors of La Berrichonne!”