September 2023

Updated trends in the freighter industry. Vallair features in Freighter Trends.

Vallair’s Patrick Leopold, Director of Trading & Leasing speaks to Sanjay Grover from Freighter Trends to give insight into how feedstock remains difficult to acquire as the passenger airlines continue to thrive.

Leopold gives insight into how the freighter industry is impacted by market fluctuations and how the current market trends show signs of a positive growth rate. Leopold comments “Currently the cargo sector is returning to a more typical market growth rate. The yields have reduced and over-capacity is causing values and lease rates to ease.” He adds “I believe the cargo industry will maintain a solid stable growth rate in 2024.”

“The active freighter population has been growing by more than 20% since May 2019. Between 2015-19 it grew by 17%. Quite a few conversion lines opened recently for narrowbody conversions, especially in US and China” he adds.

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Article courtesy of Freighter Trends.