16th October 2023

Vallair sells CFM56-5B3/P engine to Setna iO

“This high-demand engine will go straight to teardown to boost Setna iO’s comprehensive inventory of aftermarket engine spares,” says Armando Filho,Material Management Director – Vallair

Amsterdam/Luxembourg – 16th October 2023: Vallair, the mature asset specialist, has completed the sale of one CFM56-5B3/P engine (ESN 779525) to Setna iO, a global leader for aftermarket aircraft and engine components. The engine will transition to immediate teardown and part-out to support Setna iO’s in stock, ready-to-go material. Setna iO and Vallair have forged a strong relationship based on asset trading and component repairs, and this deal follows the full teardown of two A320-200 airframes that Vallair’s AFRA accredited facility in Montpellier completed in Q2 this year on the component specialist’s behalf.

“We are working to extend this co-operation further to bring additional value to our respective companies and our customers” Armando Filho, Material Management Director, explains. “We already work closely with Setna iO and build business together in a mutually sustainable way. This is a blueprint for successful business growth between both parties.”

Vallair’s streamlined proposition offers a range of multi-specialist services that seamlessly connect to each other.  From airframe and engine acquisition, through to dismantlement, in-house aerostructure repairs, and on to component repairs, technical services, and parts sales. Its aerostructures shop in Châteauroux, France, has been actively supporting Setna iO for some time and is the repair provider of choice for nacelles and flaps, currently managing a comprehensive schedule with competitive turn-around-times.

“We have been working together with Vallair for several years now and continue to leverage their experienced teams to manage a range of component repairs,” comments Hunter Edens, Head of Commercial at Setna iO. “Our business is centred on providing in stock, ready-to-go used serviceable materials to our commercial, regional, and business jet customers. Identifying the correct asset and executing the acquisition is only the first part of our internal process,” Eden says. “Partnering with a vertically integrated company like Vallair allows us to not only disassemble assets on-site at their facility, but also reduce our turnaround time by utilising their in-house maintenance and repair facility which covers a wide variety of components. Once the teardown process of this engine is complete, we will repair all in-demand components to support our airline, lessor, and MRO customers worldwide.”